Cotton Yarn


Our main product lines are

  • 100% Cotton yarn suitable for knitting and weaving
  • Procurement of cotton, cotton grade, cotton selection process, warehouse & stocking facility for cotton & yarn, monitoring & supervision team support)
  • We have a very stringent quality control process, with regards to cotton selection, as we understand that good raw material is key to the production of good quality yarn.
  • All our cotton suppliers have been educated about the quality that we require and supplies are confirmed and passed only if it matches our quality specification. Apart from using      HVI cotton testing instruments we also ensure that the visual appearance matches the reports that are generated from the testing instruments.

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A systematic mixing plan is maintained  keeping in mind our quality parameters, ensuring trouble-free yarn production with consistent yarn quality.

Yarn Type Range Its End Use / Application
100% Cotton  20s to 60s WEAVING / KNITTING

All above yarns are manufactured in the finest quality suitable for

  • Weaving
  • Knitting
  • Power loom
  • Auto Loom
  • Sulzer Loom

Our quality has gained us entry into both domestic and export markets.

Our yarns are used in a wide variety of applications in clothing like shirting’s, dress materials, sarees, dhotis, uniform material and other specialty fabrics.

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